Magical Morocco: Good Friends, Endless Inspiration

June 07, 2018

Magical Morocco: Good Friends, Endless Inspiration

I have been to Morocco many times. I love its magical atmosphere, its exotic scents and images all around. It is a place, that drives you to discover more about yourself, your passion and your desires. This is how I discover my passion about fashion, about beautiful, airy fabrics and vibrant colors and patterns.

This time I visited Morocco with some of my dearest friends, only to find out we share the same passion about true beauty and genuine, loving feelings.

My first stop was of course at the local market, where I had the incredible chance to smell, touch and see so many beauties all around. From the smallest colorful thread, to the biggest projection of their culture, I was completely mesmerized!

summer caftans


summer caftans


My new Resort Caftan Collection is the inference of this magical trip. Wear these airy and exotic caftans and you will feel the soft breeze of Moroccan nights and the warm sand beneath your feet.

MYA is designed for all of you, who want to keep all these amazing trips always in your hearts! The finest fabrics made exclusively in Greece, by the hand of me and all my trusted team.

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Size Chart


S/M applies to: EU 30-36 SIZE

M/L applies to: EU 38-44 SIZE



                           Waist                       Chest                          Hip                 

Small                68cm                         84cm                        94cm                 

Medium          72cm                           90cm                        98cm                

Large                76cm                        94cm                        102cm                  



                           Waist                        Hip                                  

Small                68cm                         94cm                                   

Medium            72cm                         98cm                                         

Large                76cm                        102cm




Small                84cm                                                        

Medium            88cm                                                               

Large                92cm          



                          Chest                    Shoulders                                     

Small                84cm                         41cm                                   

Medium            88cm                         43cm                                         

Large                92cm                         45cm



                            Chest                      Waist                          Hip                

Small              78-86cm                   65-70cm                     86-91cm                 

Medium          87-95cm                   71-76cm                     92-97cm                 

Large             96-104cm                  77-82cm                    98-103cm