Follow MYA to Bali

May 14, 2017

Follow MYA to Bali


If I ask you to choose one dream travel destination, what would it be?

For me was always and forever Bali. Im not sure if it’s because of the sunny weather, the never-ending beaches with the black sand or the colorful, sexy, exotic vibes –totally suitable with our MYA summer philosophy- but Bali was the chosen one! And because the main MYA moto is “dream it, believe it, achieve it” yes, as you can easily guess, not only we made it to visit the Indonesian paradise for fun but in this magical place, took place –see what I did there? ;-)- one of the most stunning fashion shootings we have ever done and we will remember for a long time.

P.S If you’re wondering where to stay if you decide to follow our steps to the most amazing getaway, the answer is the Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort. From the luxurious spa to the beautiful tropical gardens and of course the relaxing and most comfortable room, Wyndham is the best choice.

Special thanks to Elvienne Rodermond for the excellent hospitality! Because we are dying to share with you every little detail of our work there, without any further delay… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Oh I shouldn’t forget to inform you that if you want to make yours any piece from the shooting that isn’t already uploaded to our e-shop, you can always contact us to the

Until next time… We send you our love!

The soul/founder of MYA, Dimitra Nika


"Look at me!"

The perfect dress for the perfect sunset

"Give me the perfect outfit and I can conquer the world!"

Amazing Amir Agaev in action

In love with this outfit

The most feminine side of you!

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Size Chart


S/M applies to: EU 30-36 SIZE

M/L applies to: EU 38-44 SIZE



                           Waist                       Chest                          Hip                 

Small                68cm                         84cm                        94cm                 

Medium          72cm                           90cm                        98cm                

Large                76cm                        94cm                        102cm                  



                           Waist                        Hip                                  

Small                68cm                         94cm                                   

Medium            72cm                         98cm                                         

Large                76cm                        102cm




Small                84cm                                                        

Medium            88cm                                                               

Large                92cm          



                          Chest                    Shoulders                                     

Small                84cm                         41cm                                   

Medium            88cm                         43cm                                         

Large                92cm                         45cm



                            Chest                      Waist                          Hip                

Small              78-86cm                   65-70cm                     86-91cm                 

Medium          87-95cm                   71-76cm                     92-97cm                 

Large             96-104cm                  77-82cm                    98-103cm    








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