Summer Caftans: A Must Have in your Travel Bag

May 08, 2018

Summer Caftans: A Must Have in your Travel Bag

Is it finally here? The time when we can wear our beloved caftans once more? Oh, yes, it is! A caftan is a magical piece of garment, so elegant and airy that makes you want to wear it throughout the summer season. If you are worried that caftans are not stylish enough to make an appearance with one, you are mistaken. These flowing caftans below are from our special and limited line “Resort Collection Caftans”.

Luscious printed patterns and breathtaking fabrics will transform you in an instance to the most ethereal, magical creature anyone has ever seen. Discover the one that matches your personal style better.

Black Secrecy


There is nothing sexier than a black, airy caftan. This summer, we did our best to create etherial black caftans with animal print motifs and fine fabrics that will bring out your most sensual traits. Enjoy them!

Floral Synthesis


Are you a bit more romantic and girly in your heart? Time to transform to a wonderful fairy with our most exquisite, floral summer caftans. The finest shades of pink and earthy at their best. Do not miss out on them!

White Elegance


Can you imagine anything more splendid than a pure white summer caftan against your tanned skin? Our white summer caftans have been designed from the purest lace just for your summery walks. Dare to stand out!

Exotic Spirit


If we love one thing from Morocco, it must be about its vibrant, playful colors. This is why we created the most exotic, joyful summer caftans for you. The most beloved shades of brick red, honey yellow and taffy pink have been beautifully blended into the sexiest and amazing summer caftans you will have the chance to wear.

Made exclusievely in Greece, by the finest fabrics and materials. Indulge in this amazing journey!


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Size Chart


S/M applies to: EU 30-36 SIZE

M/L applies to: EU 38-44 SIZE



                       Waist                       Chest                          Hip                 

Small              68cm                         84cm                        94cm                 

Medium          72cm                        90cm                        98cm                

Large             76cm                        94cm                        102cm                  



                          Waist                        Hip                                  

Small                68cm                         94cm                                   

Medium            72cm                         98cm                                         

Large                76cm                        102cm




Small                84cm                                                        

Medium            88cm                                                               

Large                92cm          



                          Chest                    Shoulders                                     

Small                84cm                         41cm                                   

Medium            88cm                         43cm                                         

Large                92cm                         45cm



                        Chest                 Waist                      Hip                

Small            78-86cm             65-70cm              86-91cm                 

Medium        87-95cm             71-76cm              92-97cm                 

Large           96-104cm            77-82cm             98-103cm    








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