Summer Dresses 2018: Romance in all the Pastel Pallette!

Summer Dresses 2018: Romance in all the Pastel Pallette!

καλοκαιρινά φορέματα


Summer is finally here. The sun is getting hotter and hotter, and the very first summer dresses are here for you. Take all of your dark, winter clothes and put them back in your wardrobe. It is time for more playful options.

So, it is this time of year again..wardrobe renewal!

Dresses 2018 in Light Colors

If you are looking for the ultimate summer dresses the key to fashion this year lays on the colors. The shades of pastel are all about this summer's mood. Baby pink, pistachio and lime hues in all kinds of maxi skirts, jumpsuits and girly playsuits. Light your mood, and turn your summer wardrobe into a romantic dream.

Floral Dresses for Summer Weddings

There is no doubt you have already been invited to many summer weddings. No reason for you to buy something so formal, that you will never wear again. Airy garments, with loose lines and freedom are the total must this year. Dare to wear your favorite color in a total outfit.

Summer dresses 2018 are full with airy fabrics, pastel hues and floral motifs. Even our jumpsuits are filled with colors and flowers in order to bring out your most playful side.

Euphoria Summer Dresses

Our new Euphoria Collection, comes to enhance your fashionable wardrobe. This collection has everything! Beautiful dresses, splendind jumpsuits, playsuits and some very elegant pair of pants.

Refreshing, feminine, airy garments that are comfortably hugging your silhouette and can be worn by women who want to stand out with their unique personal style. A collection with luxurious lines, to dress your most significant moments.

Dresses for weddings, high-waisted pants, girly tops for your evening walks or some stylish jumpsuits to make all heads turn.

Discover our new EUPHORIA Collection and enter the fabulous world of ΜΥΑ!