Terms of Service

MYA Collection is an online store selling products via internet, located in 24 Antifilou str, in Athens. The company's concern is the listing of the terms governing the rights and obligations of  'MYA Collection'  as owner of the e-shop myacollection.com to all of the users that visit the website for their best service while searching and purchasing products.

All transactions made through myacollection.com are governed by the international and European law for e-commerce issues, as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994) which regulates matters on distance sales.

Make sure you agree to the following terms and conditions as the use and browsing through myacollection.com site implies the explicit and unconditional consent of the user.

MYA Collection is obliged to inform users about any modification or change through the web site. 'MYA Collection' reserves the right to renew or modify the present terms and conditions of transactions made through its website in accordance with needs and customary practices. Changing terms does not affect orders that are already in progress.

During your visit to the pages of myacollection.com you may be asked to declare personal data (name, surname, profession, shipping address, phone number) in order to get your orders up and running. Any personal data you declare on the web pages of myacollection.com are strictly for the sole purpose of completing your transactions and of communicating, plus for the improvement of the provided services and assurance of the service concerned, and may not be used by any third party (except where applicable by law to the relevant authorities).

In any case, the employees of myacollection.com who have access to personal data are bound by the above, and access by unauthorized persons to the users' data is forbidden. Any applicable measure to insure personal data has been taken.

Sharing of personal data to third parties may take place in extremely rare and special cases and only in order to promote and execute the users' transactions, but always under the conditions which fully ensure that personal data does not undergo illegal processing.

At any time users retain the right to be informed or to object to any further processing of their data in accordance with the applicable law for the protection of personal data.

Purchase-order of products

In the pages of myacollection.com you will find information about the process and the steps up to completion of your order. Get helpful tips for tracking and correcting possible errors when ordering is posted (eg about type, quantity, method of payment, etc.).

Upon completion of your order, we will send you an email confirming your receipt of your order, followed by a subsequent e-mail with which we will inform you for the shipping of the order.

Size Chart


S/M applies to: EU 30-36 SIZE

M/L applies to: EU 38-44 SIZE



                           Waist                       Chest                          Hip                 

Small                68cm                         84cm                        94cm                 

Medium          72cm                           90cm                        98cm                

Large                76cm                        94cm                        102cm                  



                           Waist                        Hip                                  

Small                68cm                         94cm                                   

Medium            72cm                         98cm                                         

Large                76cm                        102cm




Small                84cm                                                        

Medium            88cm                                                               

Large                92cm          



                          Chest                    Shoulders                                     

Small                84cm                         41cm                                   

Medium            88cm                         43cm                                         

Large                92cm                         45cm



                            Chest                      Waist                          Hip                

Small              78-86cm                   65-70cm                     86-91cm                 

Medium          87-95cm                   71-76cm                     92-97cm                 

Large             96-104cm                  77-82cm                    98-103cm