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4 Must Have Items For Winter

1. The perfect coat

Try to use a pallete close to the rest of your clothes but don't forget to get creative! Your coat represents you at most of times, when you're walking down the street or get an outdoor coffe with a friend you have the opportunity to make your own fashion statement!

2. Can't get enough of Blazer Love

It's a common feeling right now. Blazers are here to stay and we are extremely happy about that. You can take your look to another level with the right mood and the right blazer on you side! 

3. Comfortness keeps you warmer

The comfort clothing is always a must for winter! It's cold outside so it has to be really warm and comfy inside girls!  MYA as always gots you covered with fluffy sweaters and jackets for every concept!

4. The sparkle is always needed

 During winter season you have way too many opportunities to sparkle. Holidays or not you have the right to stand out! 

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