4 Reasons to Fall in Love with our Jumpsuits

June 14, 2018

4 Reasons to Fall in Love with our Jumpsuits


Jumpsuits continue to be the ultimate summer trend, for Spring/Summer 2018! They are a must-have option to be in your wardrobe, since you have a ready to wear complete outfit, for an amazing appearance, wherever you may go.

You can choose among several different fabrics, patterns and colors in order to bring out your own, personal style. Discover with us 4 reasons to fall in love with our jumpsuits this summer.

  1. They flatter your silhouette

Yes, it is true! Whether you try out a more formal jumpsuit or you try a more airy one, there is no doubt that you will make many heads turning. A jumpsuit will beautifully bring out the best traits of your figure!

Bonus tip: with a beautiful belt you can highlight even more your waist.

  1. They can be worn all day long

They can truly be worn all day long, from day to night, and they are absolutely great when you don’t have the time to consider what to wear. Wear them to a dinner party, to go shopping with your friends, even to a very special, summer occasion.

Bonus tip: to make it even more formal, match your favorite jumpsuit with high heels and a pair of fabulous statement earrings.

  1. They celebrate feminine, comfort and style

This is the best option, when it comes to comfort and style at the same time. A jumpsuit will not limit your moves, will offer you feminine and style. Are you looking for a beautiful alternative, besides a summer dress? Then you should try our spectacular summer jumpsuits.

  1. MYA Collection

The most important reason to truly love summer jumpsuits is of course our brand-new line: Euphoria Collection! Now, you can find amazing summer jumpsuits, made in Greece and hand picked with the most exquisite fabrics.

This summer make the most amazing appearances with the new Euphoria Collection and discover that magical world of MYA!

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Size Chart


S/M applies to: EU 30-36 SIZE

M/L applies to: EU 38-44 SIZE



                       Waist                       Chest                          Hip                 

Small              68cm                         84cm                        94cm                 

Medium          72cm                        90cm                        98cm                

Large             76cm                        94cm                        102cm                  



                          Waist                        Hip                                  

Small                68cm                         94cm                                   

Medium            72cm                         98cm                                         

Large                76cm                        102cm




Small                84cm                                                        

Medium            88cm                                                               

Large                92cm          



                          Chest                    Shoulders                                     

Small                84cm                         41cm                                   

Medium            88cm                         43cm                                         

Large                92cm                         45cm



                        Chest                 Waist                      Hip                

Small            78-86cm             65-70cm              86-91cm                 

Medium        87-95cm             71-76cm              92-97cm                 

Large           96-104cm            77-82cm             98-103cm    








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